Divergent’s work across various sectors for legal, financial, technical, and other corporate professionals means a wide range of expertise.

We made a choice to “diverge” from the rest, focusing on our core principles of performance:

  • extraordinary responsiveness,
  • speed of execution,
  • and most important of all, quality.

We make it a point to partner with subject matter expert translators ensuring consistently high quality which gives your business a competitive advantage.


Sometimes the best way of showcasing expertise is a story. Spanning many months, Divergent translated over 100,000 words of Chinese translation for a large global law firm. The matter required the use of translators with substantial experience in translation of highly technical documents who were familiar with antitrust matters and, in particular, the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvement Act (FTAIA). When a client comes to us for a translation of a second request, Divergent understands what is at play.


From the Credit Crisis to COVID-19, Divergent knows that bankruptcy matters generate the need for specialist legal and financial translation. Within the area of bankruptcy and insolvency, Divergent supports a multitude of Global 100 law firms working on Chapter 11 filings. As with international litigation, large volumes of documentation need to be translated with precision and within tight timeframes. This requires an experienced project management team and a large network of vetted linguistic resources with subject matter expertise. Our translators are familiar with bankruptcy codes and laws, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in law and regulations.


Divergent’s ability to support international businesses manage cross-border work and lead truly global workforces is sometimes best showcased in the work we do for international corporations. Annual reports needed in a foreign language? Divergent does that. Internal company memos? Check. Whether you are a corporate paralegal, HR manager, compliance manager, or marketing executive, Divergent handles the full gamut of corporate documentation that arises in your business’ day-to-day operations.


eDiscovery providers have revolutionized the way law firms and corporations manage large volume document review providing technology that offers scale, speed, and cost-effectiveness. The main objective is to help customers understand what has been uncovered during discovery and what is relevant to their case. Divergent enters the scene as a partner to eDiscovery companies in need of supporting their clients during the next phase whereby only true language professionals with an intricate understanding of the subject matter can help by translating and certifying key documents.


Given the far-reaching impacts of energy on all elements of the world economy many areas of energy present themselves within the context of law. Whether it is litigation involving international energy suppliers, the financing of the construction of an LNG plant, or contracts regarding energy distribution, Divergent has worked on such matters. We routinely translate legal, financial, and highly technical documentation related to renewables, oil & gas, mining, petrochemicals and more.

FCPA/White Collar Investigations

The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the rise of anti-bribery and corruption laws and policies in Europe have created an ever-growing need for a wide breadth of translation needs. Corporate scandals involving massive global corporations have meant the need to manage terabytes of data pulled from hundreds if not thousands of electronic devices. Instant messages, emails, internal company communication, text messages, board meeting minutes: it all requires translation. Some of the seemingly most innocuous internal documentation filled with industry jargon and cryptic messaging can be key to an investigation. Divergent helps law firms and supports eDiscovery companies to sift through large volumes and provide the linguistic and subject matter expertise to accurately translate vital information.


Divergent regularly translates legal and financial documentation for traditional banks, investment banks, asset management companies, mortgage lenders, tech investors, and other financial institutions. This means enlisting translators with subject matter knowledge able to translate complex materials such as audit reports, balance sheets, disclosure agreements, investor reports, press releases, pitches, and shareholder briefs.

Our experience in financial translation encompasses more than just our work with financial institutions. Divergent works with corporate finance and M&A lawyers on cross-border deals, translating due diligence material, providing interpreters via remote link for negotiations, and producing publication-ready translations of prospectuses and offering circulars.

International Arbitration

Given the extraordinary international scope of cross-border dispute resolution, international arbitration is one of Divergent’s core areas of competency. Our clients – the world’s largest and most international law firms – represent foreign investors, global corporations, sovereign states, and financial institutions in trade, construction, investment, and other disputes heard at the ICC, ICSID, VIAC, AAA, LCIA, IDRC, JAMS, SCC and other tribunals.

Divergent’s AMLaw 200 and Global 100 clients depend on our highly knowledgeable staff to manage their challenges such as meeting tight deadlines and smoothly managing large volumes of documentation. They also depend on our best-in-class translators and interpreters who, on average, have over two decades of experience and are well versed in law, finance, technology, construction, energy, and other key fields prominent in arbitration. Whether it is the translation of an intricate witness statement or the simultaneous interpretation of an Arabic-speaking engineering expert, such are the daily needs of our clients.


Divergent has the experience and capacity to help law firms working on immigration matters. We routinely provide certified translations of birth, marriage, and death certificates along with everything else that accompanies an immigration case: proof of identity, divorce deeds, diplomas and degrees, medical records, passport copies, bank statements or other proof of income, police records, and much more. And when interpreters are needed to help a witness testify or an individual process their visa application, Divergent is known for being able to place interpreters onsite with short notice in many languages including some of the world’s most rare.


Divergent’s work within the insurance sector is vast and involves translating legal and technical documentation for law firms engaged in insurance litigation involving professional indemnity, environmental catastrophes, property damage, product liability, and more.

That’s not all: at Divergent we also work directly with international insurance and reinsurance providers across a number of lines such as automotive, aviation, energy, health, marine, P&C, terrorism, warranty, and more. Whether multinational insurance companies require translations of policy and product wordings, terms and conditions, cover notes, placing slips, or loss reports, Divergent has subject matter expert translators who know the field.

Intellectual Property

Given Divergent’s Californian roots and proximity to some of the world’s most influential technology companies, a key area of specialization is intellectual property. Some of our very first clients were, and remain, the leading IP litigators, trademark lawyers, and patent prosecutors. We support law firms engaged in ITC litigation as well as patent offices around the world. Whether it is patent litigation or translations for PCT filings, Divergent does it.

Every IP matter Divergent works on is highly confidential. We are no stranger to strict confidentiality requirements nor needing our team to sign a protective order. Over the years, Divergent has delivered certified translations of patents, patentability reports, abstracts, prior art, office actions, schematics, lab notes, and more. The subject matter involved spans from health diagnostics to manufacturing methods to engineering. When quality is absolutely imperative, leading IP and trademark groups from Palo Alto to Boston, Paris to Munich, and from Tokyo to San Francisco, rely on Divergent’s specialized linguists, many of whom hold Ph.D.’s.

Life Sciences

Divergent prides itself on a diverse portfolio of clients including some of the world’s most renown pharmaceutical and life science companies. Our international team of subject matter expert linguists cover all business languages makes us a trusted partner to legal departments, compliance teams, and translation departments at Fortune 500 companies within the life sciences field.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The translation requirements of our corporate finance, capital markets, and M&A practice clients present some of the most sophisticated translation work we do at Divergent. To translate a prospectus carries great responsibility given the official nature and external use of the document. It also requires a set of specific skills such as legal and financial translation expertise with an intricate knowledge of correct market terminology. Whether it is a translation of a prospectus or due diligence documentation, Divergent can help.

We also work with some of the biggest M&A communications & PR partners in the world who represent financial clients on mergers and IPOs. Divergent translates corporate communications, marketing, legal, and financial material into and from a wide array of languages for external and official use across multiple foreign markets.

Pro Bono

Our work in the legal community represents a majority of what we do at Divergent. It therefore goes without saying that given our dedication to and longstanding relationships with legal professionals, providing support on pro bono matters at competitive rates is of the upmost importance. Divergent goes out of its way to meet seemingly impossible deadlines, translate case crucial documentation, and send interpreters onsite fast for highly confidential and sensitive matters involving asyulm, human rights, and immigration.


Technology is a throughline across much of the work Divergent does, from translating patents concerning electrical engineering components to providing interpreters who have in-depth knowledge of semiconductors.

With Divergent’s headquarters located near some of the world’s most innovative technology companies, we have built a portfolio of clients spanning a wide range of verticals: aerospace, gaming, anti-counterfeiting technology, digital & mobile payment services, online security providers, supply chain technology companies, and electronics manufacturers, to name but a few.