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Recognizing the crucial role of high-quality translations and interpreting in litigation matters, Divergent Language Solutions works tirelessly to bridge language gaps and foster understanding. As part of our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we dedicate a specific number of hours each year to pro bono projects. Recently, our certified translation services played a critical role in securing a $15.5 million verdict for three Haitian pro bono clients.

Delivering Crucial Translation Services for a Landmark Pro Bono Case

Our Three-Year Commitment to Justice

From September 2019 to January 2022, Divergent Language Solutions provided certified translation services in Haitian Creole and French for a pro bono matter. Our linguistic proficiency enabled legal teams to access crucial information and communicate effectively with their clients, David Boniface, Juders Ysemé, and Nissandère Martyr.

The $15.5 Million Verdict

Morrison Foerster, alongside the Center for Justice and Accountability and Dentons U.S. LLP, represented the plaintiffs in their quest for justice against former mayor Viliena for his power abuses in Les Irois, Haiti. Throughout the trial, our translated documents allowed the jury to fully comprehend the magnitude of the atrocities committed by the defendant.

Divergent’s Unwavering Pro Bono Dedication

At Divergent Language Solutions, we believe in utilizing our language proficiency for the greater good. We dedicate specific hours each year to pro bono projects, exemplifying our commitment to providing essential translation services to those in need, regardless of their financial means.

Divergent Language Solutions CEO, Brandon Carney, expressed his pride in the company’s contribution to this landmark case. “At Divergent, we firmly believe that language should never be a barrier to justice, and we are honored to have been able to contribute our expertise to this important matter.”

Divergent Language Solutions’ work in this pro bono case is a prime example of our dedication to providing exceptional translation services that have a meaningful impact on our clients’ lives. By utilizing our language expertise to promote justice, we showcase translation’s critical role in breaking language barriers and ensuring that everyone has access to fair and equitable legal representation.