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Join us for the CJK Retreat sponsored by Divergent Language Solutions. This one-day event brings together lawyers, executives, and thought leaders to discuss eDiscovery, Cybersecurity, Information Governance, Legal Operations, and Law Practice Management. Gain insights into current trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

CEO Brandon Carney will speak on a panel to discuss the challenges and pitfalls associated with reviewing, handling, and assessing discovery documents comprised of multiple languages and provide strategies for addressing the technological, cultural, ethical, and evidentiary hurdles that result.

CJK Retreat: ChatGPT, Multiple Languages & E-Discovery Risks, Cultural IQ and QC

Other topics include stakeholder involvement, standards, legal issues, and information governance. Discover ways to improve the accessibility of legal guidance, the adoption of AI tools, cloud services, and information security priorities for legal departments.

The CJK Retreat takes place in Monterey, CA, offering a relaxed setting and family-friendly location. Engage with experts, network with peers, and expand your knowledge. With educational sessions and networking events, this Retreat is the perfect opportunity to learn about key industry issues.

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