Document Summarization/

In certain situations, the amount of documents may be considerable and the costs associated with processing these documents overwhelming. When translation of the entire production is unnecessary, we can summarize documents or create an index, enabling you to identify the most important information requiring full human translation and resulting in significant cost reduction.


If you have an in-house translation or an already completed translation, and need the accuracy to be verified or certified for court, we have the resources to ensure that you have the most accurate and technically sound translation.

On-Site Document Review

Similar to summarization/indexing, on-site document review can reduce unneeded expense. Qualified linguists are placed on-site as necessary to work closely with you to identify pertinent material and select documents for full translation.

Machine Translation

While machine translation is not yet a perfected science, it can be quite useful in high volume situations by allowing you to identify, for a fraction of the cost, key information or documents that require additional human translation.